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AiLearn is an education provider that creates and delivers innovative training courses using a smart tutoring system with a chatbot-style virtual teacher. Our aim is to improve the quality and affordability of education and transform the way people learn with the help of advanced technologies.

We create an intelligent tutoring system that engages learners in a real time, one to one coaching conversation, helping them revise their answers, allowing for an adaptive and personalized learning for any student. Our system offers the possibility of learning that is not only more flexible and inclusive, but also engaging and effective.


Prof. Trofimova is the Founder and Managing Director of AiLearn. She started AiLearn out of her passion for developing innovative technologies that have a real social impact. Educator, with more than 18 years of leadership and executive experience in the education industry, covering education evaluation, policy, administration and talent recruiting. Prof. Trofimova was working for 17+ years at Lomonosov Moscow State University, serving as Head of Admissions (in charge of all 40 Faculties) and a Vice Dean of Faculty of Television.

She gained PH.D and Professor of Sociology title and has 30+ published works, received many awards and honours at Moscow University. Now she fully focuses on online learning techniques and exploring the potential of Machine Learning in education. She is passionate about improving the quality and affordability of education for all, and developing innovative technologies that have a real social impact.

Dr. Brutijan is the Chief Operations Officer and Head of ESL Department  at AiLearn. High-profile education professional, expert in E-Learning, Professor at Moscow University and former Guest Lecturer Salzburg University (Austria). With more than 20 years of experience in e-learning and ESL/EFL, she is a passionate driver of digital transformation in education with deep experience in personalized learning technology,  She also has experience in strategic management, and also focuses on online tutoring, e-learning content development and exploring AI potential in education.

Dr. Brutijan is a linguist, with PhD in Philology, author of ESL textbooks and speaks fluent English, Russian, German & Slovenian.

Mag. Martin Reiner, MBA

Mag. Reiner is the Head of Strategy, Development and Marketing at AiLearn. Expert in Business Administration and Innovative Management, with more than 15 years of experience as a leader and manager, he is an entrepreneur with experience in strategic management, business administration and HR.  He currently focuses on HR and strategic development of AiLearn, as well as Marketing and PR.

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