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Business English

Law. Fundamentals


English for Traveling

General English

Business Administration

Law. Fundamentals







Introduction to Psychology

Political Science


Political Science

Introduction to Philosophy


Introduction to Philosophy


Every course and its content  is created by top instructors from the world’s best universities and educational institutions. Courses include theoretical explanations and practical training exercises, as well as additional teacher-reviewed assignments. After completing a course, students receive an electronic Certificate of Completion.


We stick to the Micro-Learning approach, which has proved its effectivity. The course material is arranged into small portions followed by numerous comprehension control checks. Instead of a traditional lecture, students receive a set of short messages of a standardized chat conversation. Depending the level of understanding of a student, they are presented the explanation accordingly.

Certificate of Completion

When students have successfully passed through all the stages of the learning process and completed a course, they receive a Certificate of Completion. The Certificate comes in electronic format and is a valuable addition to your CV and LinkedIn profile.


What our students say

Business English is a great course. Very good for learning and very easy to learn. I look forward to doing all the modules. Highly recommend this to others. My aim with doing these modules is to become a better in English, start communicate and pass on the knowledge to my colleagues.

Roman Leonov

This course is highly recommended. I really enjoyed it! Came across it after a lot of searching. Content is great. After taking this course, I feel comfortable to advise other students about the course. And I will be honest, I’m very grateful, this course changed my understanding of the Business English conversation. Thank you!

Franco Moriti

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